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Periculum is a Risk Advisory firm specialising in Medical Indemnity and Personal Insurances. Periculum Risk Management has its origins in financial advice for over 30 years. Currently servicing the needs of over 150 clients across 5 professional referral networks. Including Financial Planning, Legal, Accounting, Mortgage Broking and Allied Health Services.

Operating under the auspice of an independently owned and operated Australian Financial Services licensee. Periculum Risk Management is focused on quality outcomes through innovation, knowledge and service.


Periculum employs a concept known as "Total Risk". This ensures that all aspects of your Personal, Commercial and Professional lives are protected against loss. 


Periculum offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help protect your business and personal circumstance. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.


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Professional Cover

Under the Australian National Law, all practising medical practitioners must be insured or otherwise indemnified for their entire scope of practice, whether via their employer’s indemnity arrangements or through their own medical indemnity insurer. This means it is mandatory for all doctors in private practice to have their own personal medical indemnity insurance. It is also a requirement for registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA).

If your insurance or indemnity arrangements specifically exclude any aspect of practice you must not practise in that area. If you discover you do not have appropriate medical indemnity insurance arrangements in place, you are obliged to notify the Medical Board of this within 7 days.

Not all policies are the same, and not all premiums are the same. Further, just because you have been with one insurer for a long time does not mean they are necessarily the best insurer for you. You are not obliged to stay with the same insurer, even if they have previously assisted you, and you are entitled to evaluate your options and consider other insurers at any time.



Protect your Estate.

Our Insurance Philosophy

Periculum Risk Management has at its core the philosophy of achieving for their clients a Fully Funded Estate. This ensures we are focused on what the true risk is and how to mitigate it !

By definition our Fully Funded Estate means that our clients reach their retirement goals irrespective of pre-mature death, disability or misfortune. Our robust Fully Funded Estate process will protect you personally, professionally or in business.

We provide full market research, analysis to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for our clients


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Protect your Staff  and Business

We understand that managing a successful medical practice in today’s environment can be very complex, and without the right cover it can be a risky business.

Many practice managers and owners assume the doctor’s practitioner indemnity covers everything. Truth is, it doesn’t. Which means, the practice as a business entity could be at risk from legal action arising from privacy breaches, disgruntled patients, employee disputes, staff errors and more.

With Practice Indemnity Cover, your practice is properly covered against things you can’t control, like the actions of staff administering healthcare and unfavourable patient outcomes.

Analysing Data


Understand your exposure

At Periculum it is about ensuring that all potential risks whether physical or not are identified and mitigated either fully or partially.

By conducting a Risk Audit we will look at all aspects of Personal Risk, Business Risk and Professional Risk.

You will be provided with a Audit report and strategy to implement all necessary measures to protect yourself against loss.

Periculum Risk Management is full service from analysis through strategy and implementation through to ongoing review and advice.

We provide the peace of mind knowing that your Total Risk has been assessed and your strategy when fully implemented will provide the outcomes you want rather than the outcome you get ! 



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